Hey, good looking

You will have experienced the same thing at some time, whether it’s from a bakery or a supermarket. That feeling that surely someone in the company is having a joke.

Paris: bakeries

I’m regularly asked what bakeries might be particularly worth a visit when in Paris. Very briefly, and in no particular order, this is my ‘top 10’, a personal and far from exhaustive list.

Black Bud and Nimble Dick

It’s that slight ‘pop’ the skin makes when you bite into the flesh and the dark crimson juice bursts out, warm from the sunlight and picked straight from the tree. And I swear every one tastes a little different, almost like rather fruity vintages of the same wine, each more or less sharp or sweet or even faintly boozy. It doesn’t happen with the chilled jet-set cherries flown in, however novel they might first seem. A fresh picked English cherry from an established tree has a far more complex flavour to me than, say, the much heralded local asparagus.