Coconut chocolate marble cake, chocolate bourbon glaze


Right now on I have a new recipe: a very soft rich coconut chocolate marble cake covered in a chocolate bourbon glaze.

There has to be days when you skip the almond milk latte and dive straight into the cheesecake, possibly even for breakfast (ok, that might just be me). I do eat vegetables sometimes, it’s true, but after each salad or bowl of kale there’s a little note-taker in my brain that tallies of all the greens and says, “ok, there a very big slice of cake due any day now”. When that day comes I want big calories, and in suitable blowout fashion I’ll go for a rich buttery cake that will involve chocolate and coconut in some form. As a child I would sit on the flour in front of the kitchen store-cupboard eating desiccated coconut out of the tin – hey, we didn’t have iPads back then – and that’s hardwired me to lust coconut in all forms, whether that be the shockingly delicious young coconut sorbet with sake at Ester Restaurant in Chippendale, Sydney, or something much more homely like this wannabe pound cake. Easy to mix, slightly fiddly to spoon and swirl, but straightforward to bake.

The recipe plus all the tips you need for making the cake and glaze are here on

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